When to flute and when to coupe, the age old riddle of sparkling consumption hardware.  To clarify, the flute is the narrow tall glass, the coupe is the classic flat topped glass your uncle’s awesome wedding coordinator made that fountain out of before the DJ played his 400th Kool In the Gang track.

So the flute makes sure your bubbles are even as they trial up.  And the coupe makes sure there are as many bubbles poppin’ as possible. Flutes are perfect for 1980’s stockbroker house parties, wedding toasts and brunch with the girls.  Add some fruit, sip and keep the pinky up.  The coupe is for the retro debonair set, but also simply provides a quicker way whack down bubbly.

Here at Sapere Aude we prefer a small juice glass, something one would typically splash some fresh squeezed OJ in in the morning.

But alas, all hardware that contains some sparkling is good hardware.  Buckets, spoon or hallowed out apple…  Just get it to the lips!